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This program shall network with 2500 independent corporation hiring temporary and full time participant from our organization.  Jobs consist of labor skilled and professional jobs.  Participants are required to save two month of income before exciting the program.  Work liability insurance can be provided for certain participants.



Mentoring  ​

This program shall allow successful people of the community to share their story to young people in the community in a group section to give them hope to secure their future.  Leading them through some of the obstacles they will face on the road to success.  Mentor consists of all kind of people working in every industry in the community.  Mentor shall speak three times a week and network with our participant of the center. 


Social Development​

This program consisted of providing individual with the proper communication skills need to aid themselves in today’s economic arena.  Training of non-verbal communications and technical communication to enhances each person income.



Shall allow participants to gain experience through the work places in the areas of Clerk, Administration, Accountants, Management, and Finances.

General Education  

Consist of four months for GED and SAT Test for Participants.  All material for studies is provided by the organization.  The education program is open to the general public and conducted in a secure environment. 


Skilled Training 

Consist of training people in the field of residential construction, commercial equipment operator, administration, and other professional skills.  Classes are conducted six to eight hours a day five days a weeks over a ten month period.




This program is mandatory for all participant of the center to monitor participant progress of services provided by the center and offered to the general public as a prevention outlet.   We offered a large variety of counseling services in a group and private session.  All group session are record and private sessions are documented to secure each counselor and aid in any type of criminal investigation to reduce crime in the community.



This program consisted of purchasing distress properties to strengthen the nation’s housing market to bolster the need for quality affordable rental homes through energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy design homes.  Utilize the housing plat from to increase employment in the metropolitan area while securing the objections of this organization and the redevelopment of neighborhoods.



This program shall allow young teens to participate in a network of corporations sponsoring athletic team competition within and without the city of New Orleans. This program is design to keep teen off the streets while keeping their attention on positive actives and training in sports.



Activities sustain economic development and job creation opportunities for the metropolitan area by utilizing the entertainment industry to provide special events to rise funding for the organization while networking with other profitable corporations to enhance the economic growth of our city.

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