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Our Executive Summary

Msaada Inc. is a nonprofit corporation existing under the IRS 501(C)(3) status operating under the State of Louisiana laws.  Our effectors are to strengthen our country’s infrastructure by securing and developing of individual lives and our communities under our ten positive short and long term programs. 


We are leading this generation to become more positive, productive and reliable citizens in every community.  Nurturing the aspirations and inspiring people dreams by maintaining and providing the following programs under strict policies; job placement, general education, skilled training, mentoring, intervention, social development, scientific, technical, professional and counseling to all whom participate in our development center. 


Portions of the sales from

are donated to

Visit today to support MSAADA with a purchase of Level Ultra-Purified Water+ or Club Level Apparel

If we told you that we have the opportunity to put educational tablets in public schools in the New Orleans Area would your support that effort? Click above to support a cause worth giving...Advancing
Education through technology.

Contact us to Volunteer at any one of fundraising events. 


Our mission is simple...We want to help people who need help.

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Summer 2023

During Camp Focus our mission will be to prepare our "Jewels"  to focus on the task at hand and see it through. Our Board, executives, business owners and community leaders will teach the skills to execute, finish the mission and reach for the dreams of their hearts desire.

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